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Cleanfix S10 ryksuga

kr. 41.223

Ryksuga S10
Mest selda ryksugan hjá okkur. Vélinni fylgja: teppahaus, húsgagnahaus og mjór stútur.
Mótor 850 W
2,2 metra barki
6L poki
7,5 metra kapall
Þyngd 7 kg.
62 dBA
Vnr.: 309022000

Cleanfix S10 Plus ryksuga

kr. 44.970

Ryksuga S10 PLUS
Mjög góð vél en henni fylgir: teppahaus, húsgagnahaus og mjór stútur.
Mótor 850 W
2,2 metra barki
6L poki
10 metra kapall
Þyngd 9 kg.
62 dBA
Vnr.: 309022010

Cleanfix RS05 Bakryksuga

kr. 76.884

Bakryksuga RS05
Vélinni fylgja: teppahaus, húsgagnahaus og mjór stútur.
Mótor 650 W
1,5 metra barki
4,5L poki
15 metra kapall
Þyngd 4,8 kg.
62 dBA
Vnr.: 309025000

Cleanfix SW20 ryksuga

kr. 77.863

Ryksuga SW20 PLUS
Mjög góð ryksuga fyrir ryk og vatn.
Mótor, 1100 W
3 metra barki
10L poki
10 metra kapall
Þyngd 10 kg.

Vnr.: 309021000

Teppahreinsivél TW300S Cleanfix

kr. 110.353

Teppahreinsivél TW300 S
Mjög nett og öflug vél.
Mótor, 1000 W
3 metra barki
7/7 Lítra tankar
7,5 metra kapall
Þyngd 9,5 kg.
Vnr.: 309030000


Teppahreinsivél TW412 Cleanfix

kr. 153.648

Teppahreinsivél TW412
Mjög öflug vél.
Mótor, 1200 W
2,2 metra barki
10,5/7 Lítra tankar
7,5 metra kapall
Þyngd 14 kg.
Vnr.: 309030000

Gólfþvottavél RA 330IBC

kr. 308.760
Gólfþvottavél RA330 IBC Machine with one 12 V battery and internal charger and two 12 lt tanks. This autoscrubber is very habil and maneuverable and for this reason perfect for all kind of hard floors in small areas (like cloakrooms). The machine has two scrubbing brushes to ensure real scrubbing efficiency. With a suction nozzle in the front and on the back you can absorb the dirt very well and you can work forward and backwards.

Gólfþvottavél RA395 IBC VDE

kr. 495.814

Gólfþvottavél RA395IBC
Mjög þægilega og góð vél.
Ferksvatnstankur 10 L
Úrgangstankur 12 L
Vinnslubreidd 39 cm
Bursti, þrýstingur 26 kg
Kemur með boginni þvöru
Innbyggt hleðslutæki
Vnr.: 309395000

Gólfþvottavél RA431 IBC

kr. 590.204

Gólfþvottavél RA431IBC
Mjög góð vél
Ferksvatnstankur 32 L
Úrgangstankur 38 L
Vinnslubreidd 43 cm
Bursti, þrýstingur 34 kg
Kemur án þvöru
Kemur án rafhlöðu
Vnr.: 309436015

Cleanfix HS770 sópur

kr. 131.162
HS770 Extremely durable, manoeuvrable, compact Compact manual sweeper for medium to large areas in private households and businesses. Without noise and emissions, it can be operated with ease. The handle can be turned for ergonomic adjustment. Side broom and main brush adjustable. Built for tough use. Item no. 077.010

Gleanfix gufu DS 8 230V / 15A

kr. 419.120
CLEANFIX DS 8 230V / 15A Steam and vacuum in one operation The DS8 steam vacuum cleaner is particularly impressive in the commercial sector with its high performance and enormous capacity. The simple principle of «steam and vacuum in one operation» guarantees first-class cleaning results. Even the most stubborn dirt can be removed with considerably less detergent and enables effortless and efficient work. In addition, the environment is less polluted. Item no. 036.000VDE