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Hiti í handföng Moose

Effective at keeping hands warm

Simple operation: hi/low/off switch

Installation is easy; for ATVs with thumb throttle

Total 40 watts, draws less than 3 amps

Hleðslutæki Optimate 6 Moose

Automatically charge, test and maintain 12V AGM, GEL, EFB or STD starter or deep cycle batteries of any size - connect to the battery, the charger does the rest.

The Ampmatic charging controller adjusts the current to the battery size - a small battery gets less, a large battery more.
Save deeply discharged sulphated batteries at 0.5 V - the most advanced rescue program!
The unique pulse absorption mode optimises battery performance - all cells are brought to the same strength!
The intelligent 24-7 maintenance of the OptiMate rates more battery power and longer service life.

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Létt og góð kerrusliskja (sett) - B: 30,5 cm - L: 229 cm - Burðargeta 544 kg - Samanbrjótanlegur